Patrick Sarapuu

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#172 Patrick

Vanus: 14

Klassid: Crosskart 125CC

EAL Tulevikutäht

Võistluseid Eestis:

2022. hooajal:

30. aprill – Kulbilohu
21. mai – LaitseRallyPark
18. juuni – Misso
2. juuli – Piiroja
30. juuli – Kehala Ring
1. oktoober – Porsche Ring






Patrick Sarapuu

Võistlused ja tulemused

Estonian Rallicross Championship 5th round

P2 on Kehala track in Estonia 😉

Fastest in training session.
Heat 1 P2 – engine was strange
Heat 2 P2 – exhaust broken
Heat 3 P4 – engine not working again…
Final P2 – because reeds was broken in engine and we don’t have full power and speed but place was good to the end and we are happy for this result.

See you the same track in here if comes NEZ Crosskart Championship 20-21 of August, where we are holding now 7th position.

Thanks !
#eestiautospordiliit #ragnaroffroadhouse #patrickmotors #liquimolyeesti #krosskart


NEZ Crosskart Championship on Bollandsmoen track in Norway

We are going again without training like Sweden and speed was good.
Heat 1 – fuel line is going broken and must be stop the race from P2.
Heat 2 – P5
Heat 3 – P2
All this get to us B-final position.
B-final spin from top and lost A-final hope, so P14 is our result this competition but very good to know we are on top if everything works… see you in Estonia Kehala track 30. July 😉

NEZ Crosskart Championship on Tomelilla track in Sweden

First time in here and no training, not bad at all. Heat 1 was starting issue P5, Heat 2 carburettor issue P5, Heat 3 everything ok P2, Final 1 red flag from P4 but 1/2/3 position is not taken Jokker jet so P1 race stopped, Final 2 new race with new start P5 (2&3 position didn´t take a Joker…) but any way…
We are fastest on track and let’s see what happens in Norway this weekend

Estonian Rallicross Championship 4th round

Good speed and everything worked well, but foreced inretired in Final.

Heat 1 – P1

Heat 2 – P1

Heat 3 – P1

Final – DNF

Estonian Rallicross Championship 3rd round in Misso


Final – P2

Heat 1 – 


Estonian Rallicross Championship 2nd round in laitse

I was fastest in track whole day, but the decision of the judges not to allow in the Final to start.

Final – DNS

Heat 1 – P1

Heat 2- P1

Heat 3 – P1

Superkross Laitses

The kart didn’t work properly, but managed to start from the first row in the final despite this. In the final, the kart lost its power and a mistake on the track resulted in a DNF.

Estonian Rallicross Championship 1st round In Kulbilohu

Speed was good and I was able to fight for a podium, but the cart didn´t work properly whole day. 

Final – DNF 

Heat 1 – DNF 

Heat 2 – DNF

Heat 3 – P4



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